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Canada’s Fastest Mail Order Marijuana Service


Though well intended, most mail order marijuana sites fail to deliver on at least one of three things: Quality, Speed or Consistency. Designed and operated by fulfillment professionals, BC Bud Express is Canada’s fastest, most reliable mail order marijuana service.


To buy weed online at BC Bud Express you must be 21 or older with a ship-to address within Canada. It’s easy to apply for a customer account.


 BC Bud Express Menu

Banana Kush


2 out of 5



2 out of 5

Kings Cross


5 out of 5

Citrus Haze


5 out of 5

Lemon Haze


5 out of 5

Granddaddy Purple Kush


5 out of 5

UK Cheese


3 out of 5

Agent Orange


4 out of 5

Green Crack


3 out of 5

AFGOO (Afgooey)


3 out of 5

Purple Rockstar


4 out of 5

Orange Kush


3 out of 5

Berry White


3 out of 5

Hash Berry


3 out of 5

Critical Mass


4 out of 5

Bubba Kush


4 out of 5

Pink Kush


5 out of 5

Cali Orange


5 out of 5

MK Ultra


4 out of 5

Starlet Kush


3 out of 5

Diamond Kush


3 out of 5

Vanilla Kush


4 out of 5

Obama Kush


4 out of 5

Hash Plant


4 out of 5

Blue Fin Tuna


5 out of 5

OG Killa Kush


4 out of 5

Deep Purple Kush


3 out of 5

Red Haired Skunk


3 out of 5

Gorilla Kush


3 out of 5

Grape OG Kush


3 out of 5

BC Big Bud


3 out of 5

Happy 420 Deal (Valid til April 27th 2017)

25% off your order

Coupon Code: 420bcbud

Expires April 27th at Midnight
Good for any Strains (except Chemo + Banana Kush)



    Thank you so much, it’s better than in my dream !

    The fast shipping, the sealed package, the quality and density of buds, the powerful high…I’m impress. I live in a small city and on the street we have very poor choice of strains. Now I want to try all of your fantastic buds. My next big purchase will be with you. Also thank to always give me fast email reply to all my questions.


    Best strains

  • You guys proved it you are the best. The buds are no complaints , one of the best ones as far as I have seen . The service is quick and I don’t complain about the product. So far consistently top quality .

    So I would suggest everyone go ahead and trust these guys if u really want to try out the best strains for mail order .
    Keep up the good work and continue to rock.
    Peace ✌🏽️

    Best Mail Order Marijuana MOM

  • BC budd express is exactly what medical patients are missing. Tweed never has product and when they do, it’s not anywhere close to a “pharmaceutical product”. Orders are always on time and over weight with bc express. Protect positive squad. Challenge the ACMPR’s inadequacy.

    What patients are missing.

  • Hi was a client of BcBud before they got shut down and the service was lacking and my order took a minimum of 2 weeks to arrive..not to mention they stole my money along with a lot of other clients.

    I was very hesitant to try ordering online again when BCBud Express launched their site but decided to give it a go..and I’m so happy I did! My order was shipped to my door within 2 business days and they even added a little Thank you Gift!
    I also just recently ordered again because of how happy I was with the service and quality of the product and noticed one of my items was missing. I emailed in to let them know and my missing item was shipped out THAT DAY.
    All in all, a great company with great product and amazing customer service! I’m so happy I tried ordering online again =)

    Awesome service!

  • Living in a small town it’s hard to get my meds. I got my 1st package today, it was tracked every step of the way to my Post Office. The thank you gift is devine! 

    Feeling better already

  • Walter is a stand up guy. Very good with customers, gives personal recommendations of the products and delivers on his promises. Great quality as well.

    Great customer service

  • Great service and selection!  I am on my 3rd order and no issues.  Every strain has been fantastic!

    Kudos to Walter and team! you guys at BCBE really have distanced yourselves from the old BCB fall out!  Winning back loyal customers like myself is not easy.


    On my 3rd order

  • Made an order Thursday night before long weekend.. in my mailbox Monday!  Great product.. package so smart.  And sometimes extra treats…how can you not love these guys!  Keep on keeping on.. Walter Green😃

    On fire!

  • thanks again bcbud express i got my order today.. its really good.. (Y)

    have a good week

    Thank you, everything was perfect

  • I can’t say enough good things top quality all the way and delivery was right on. Don’t change a thing you guys have it down. Will order again 100%

    Fast Service & Great Product

  • Right when i heard about bcbudexpress i knew i had to try it! Once i made an account i had great service And quick replies, was at my house in 2 days how much better could it get! To top it off the product ways the best ive had, the o.g kush was a unreal, and the phyto was awesome! Couldnt be happien thanks bcbudexpress! 

    Great service

  • I ordered an eighth of kurupt strawberry moon rocks and I couldn’t be happier ordered it before the weekend and was right on time Monday morning and not to mention be bud through in a complimentary joint ! Awesome thanks again will be ordering more moonrocks for sure!

    Great service

  • absolutely EVERYTHING has been better than what i expected.  the customer service replies were quick! the product is amazing and looks just like you see on the site. the shipping was quicker than expected. i ordered wednesday night from northern ontario and it arrived monday morning.  this is the real deal folks! don’t hesitate and order something asap!


    better than better.

  • lmao. Lucky my Mrs did not eat the whole thing. Took only a bite. Roughly 1/4 of it. Or less. Shes fricken fried. I tried it myself n it really was good. If only I had more. Only had one. But I’m definitely getting more. 

    Rich chocolate taste. Mixture tastes of good cannabis n chocolate,,, if I had more I would OD. U guys n gals gotta try it. If u don’t feel like smoking or got a Cold,,, eat this! 

    Canna co’s chocolate Bon Bon

  • Thank you very much! I am floored by the personal touch the new BCBE team puts in.
    You and your team was already in my good books, and now I have to find anew elevated place to hold you guys. ^__^
    Sincerely, Thank you again!


  • Decided to try some of the new fangled Mail-order services. I made a mistake and contacted them about it and they replied within an hour. Since then communication has been fast and reliable – so reliable that they will be my primary service. 

    Timely enough if you order 3 business days before you travel domestically by plane your goodies will be waiting for you at your hotel! Was a life saver during a 2 week trip across the country. 
    Between coupons, the reefer-a-friend program, and bonuses I’ve found in my packages I haven’t paid sticker price on any of my orders. If the service and quality stay at this level bcbudexpress will definitely be my primary source for a long time to come.


  • I have  nothing but good experience here and I was hesitant at first. but they won me over . keep up the good work guys . 5 stars 😆😎😊😀😁

    Proven of be legit and good

  • Keep up the good work and great service. You guys have raised the bar on online mj sales and service.
    It’s cool to log on and see new products/strains popping up on a regular basis.
    The “bob” products, express pack and pre-rolleds are a great way to move some of the small stuff you may otherwise end up processing into some other product and the price point is great on those.I can see this being a popular sales idea for you, someone should get their picture on the wall and a free happy meal for that idea.

    Love the Bob, Bring back Green Crack!!

  • Super happy with my second order!!!  Helpful workers…great product…and yes..fast!!!!  Thank you … Walter☺☺☺😇


  • I do believe, that bcbx is the best site I ve encountered on my hunt for the kindest bud ,that can be acquired easily , and extremely quickly; that’s the fastest turn around I ve ever seen! It was like , Bing bang Boom! how long’d it take, 2 days,from time payment was sent, holy fuck !! Pardon my French, I was astonished to see the wares in the box already. Much obliged,

    These guys are the best

  • Hey, my parcel (#2012) came in Wednesday morning, safe and sound. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly, I was spacing a bit when the receptionist handed it to me and nearly opened it in front of her, haha

    I’ve been enjoying it so far, the white kush is pretty gentle, nice and mellow and has definitely improved my sleep (I’m not waking up foggy, definitely more rested). I might give the pink kush a shot next time I order, especially as the description says it’s a bit potent. My girlfriend and I also busted into the Romulan on Wednesday night (she had more of it than I did, she was excited), it got a thumbs up, she thinks it comes on stronger than the stuff she’s been buying, so that one will probably turn up again in a future order.

    I’m gonna give the cotton candy (really nice surprise! above and beyond) a go once I get home tonight, I’m pretty curious.
    Thanks again, looking forward to making my way through this batch and getting another order in sometime.

    SUPER QUICK, We’ll be back thanks!!


    You’re crushing it for customer loyalty – thanks for the pink wreck! Canada post sat on it for a day but it made it to me in Winnipeg.

    Thanks Walter

  • I’m happy I gave it another chance . Got my package today. Was sketching out about getting ripped  off again . But it came, So fingers crossed  you guys keep  up the good work .  And I’ll keep  coming  back.  Screw in town guys . You’ve  got a better quality of  smoke 😜

    Old site ripped me off

  • Hey Walter, just wanna say thanks, I got my order quickly and it was good, I’ll be ordering again soon, thanks man


  • Fast is right  Registered, approved and shipped in 30 minutes at 3:45 AM.  You guys rock!  Looking forward to the medication!

    Walter Green: Youre even faster at writing a testimonial.


  • Due to previous bad history with…i was a little hesitant to chance them again, but they explained what had happened and offered me a nice discount,to check out the new `management`and service so i thought…wth…and i am happy to say that my experience so far has been outstanding.There was a slight prob with my 1st order,not their fault,but they acted quickly and exceeded my satisfaction in addressing the situation…kudos to the customer service dept…i have placed a couple of orders since and i am quite pleased with the product so far…and man…these guys are FAST,like they say…2-3 days tops


    giving èm another shot

  • Good. It was fast 😊 definitely going to order again soon. Thanks

    Ok they are the fastest

  • OMG Dude just got my present ( that’s what I call them its like XMAS! ) haha  God love you man,,, SUPEREB QUALITY , just try the OG I love it, price was awesome too!!!  Can only imgiane the PINK later tonight!! YUM..

    Xmas came early

  • Wow, what a change!  I used to order from the old site, and I could tell the customer service was not very good.  But on the new site if I have a problem I email support and my issues get taken care of within 24 hours. KUDO’s to you guys!!  Before I never trusted the old site, but now I can tell you this is 100% legit and trustworthy and you will be very happy!  Just try it out place a order early in the week and you will have it before the weekend and oh man o man you will be so happy!! 🙂 🙂  I’m so glad I gave these new owners a second chance, because these guys really know what they are doing! 

    Outstanding Customer Service Experience

  • These guys reAlly r great, they go above and beyond for their customers. Better yet, they only supply top notch pot, some of the very best strains!

    As a connoisseur of strictly quality grass, I’ll tell u this is the place to order from. The counts r proper too!
    Stryker Marrelli


    BC Bud Express Has Proper Weed, They’re My Friends Indeed!

  • I received an olive branch from these guys.  Took a chance and so happy I did!!  Great product and packed so well!  I’ll be back!  Blessings 

    Happy I did

  • i ordered el jefe and muerte . and they were both lovely buds loaded with crystal. both of it burned whited.. was smooth and because of how smooth it is you think you wouldnt get that high. but holy shit… i was stuck in the shed for hours thinking about if i should go in or not . i felt as if i was just learning how to walk again. best medical marijuana since bcbud.ca lol (;

    needs more reviews for the skepitcal

  • I have nothing to say but good about bc bud express.. they have a great team… theyes make you feel like family… thier product was great, was just what I expected. .. and it was from bc to cbs newfoundland in 4 days… anyone got any dout about this company can go pound sand…. awesome team… thanks keep up the great work…😉

    Very pleased ,with bc bud express

  • Fast and dank. Try them all

    Nice service

  • I need some cheezies and some ice tea asap!!  That cotton candy kush has me eye balling a raw onion FFS. I wonder if I ordered my cheezies and ice tea online if they would get here as fast as my weed does?!  Very happy customer!

    Munchy Time

  • It should be considered a miracle how fast I got my package.  Keep up the good work guys and thanks!

    Getting Religious

  • I made my first purchase here after receiving an email invite. I was a customer at bcbud.ca but got ripped off on the last order there so was looking for alternatives. I placed my order with Express on Friday night and was very pleased (and surprised) to see it in my mail box on Tuesday. If not for the weekend I might have gotten it in just two days from ordering.  I was impressed with their packaging, and the Muerte I ordered was insanely caked in crystals.  It was incredible. I believe in online weed again!

    Frank Knows

  • Living in Whitehorse it was so hard to get good quality weed. Now that I found these guys I will from now on be smoking top notch BC Bud. I’ve tried a couple other sites but got stiffed or it took them weeks to get the order to me. BC Bud Express got my first order to me just four days after ordering it online. definitely the best online source of marijuana I’ve come across.


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