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BC Bud Express’ House Brand: Blue Sky Organics
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BC Bud Express’ House Brand: Blue Sky Organics


Blue Sky Organics is BC Bud Express’ house brand. Cultivated and produced in the Kootenay’s by veteran farmers that have been perfecting the art of cannabis growth for over 20 years. You can ensure that products that are branded, Blue Sky Organics are certified, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free. Grown without any harsh chemicals, 100% Organic.

These guys are masters at their craft, bringing us rare strains like Purple God and Blackberry Platinium. Blue Sky Organics is West Coast Canada’s most sought after licensed producer of high-quality medical cannabis and is committed to producing dried cannabis flower, extract oils of the highest standard and providing relief to patients across the country.

It is their mission to set new standards for viable, credible medical cannabis production and distribution as they strive to raise the bar for the entire industry, Canada and worldwide.

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