Whats the perfect strain for me?

When it comes to intaking cannabis and cannabis extracts, everyone has their own preference. Not everyone likes the same strains and not all strains are good for everyone.  Indica’s are more likely to sedate you where are Sativas are more cerebral. Hybrids are usually a mix of both but often have a higher percentage of one in them than the other. Everyone is different and reacts differently to different types of Cannabis. Here is a guide to help you on your way to understanding more about each type of Cannabis and what it does for you!

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Caviar – BCBX

HM Caviar

Meticulously crafted from the most delicate ice water extraction bubble hash, Hash Market. Caviar is a labour of love that packs a massive medicinal punch sure to help your luxurious smoking seat with a deeper, exquisitely refined butt-imprint.

Our caviar is triple purified ice water extracted French vanilla Mayan hash, coated in Amber Rosin and finished off with only the most excellent freeze drier bubble hash obtained from cannabis cup level B.C. Bud growers.”

When consumed, however that may be, the initial inhalation is smooth, easy on the throat and delivers instant pain relief and a relaxing sensation that overcomes you with a wave of happiness and euphoria.

Add some Caviar to a bowl, with a nail or on its own to create the perfect occasion to pull out that smoking jacket while shooting past the moonrocks into hyperspace.

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