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3-star cannabis is for the beginner smoker or people who aren’t accustomed to more potent strains. Great for daytime use and for people who like to smoke more frequently.

Don’t be deterred by the low star amount. These strains are just as good as any other, the reason they are 3 star is that they have lower THC/CBD counts and are much less intense than say a 4-star or 5-star. As you may notice 3-star strains look and smoke just as nice and have the same effects as other strains, but don’t last as long or hit you as hard.

BC Bud Express is known for their quality and consistency ensuring all members that whatever star amount you prefer the Cannabis purchased will be exactly what you expect each and every time.

Dive in and check out these beautiful flowers, we are sure you will be impressed!

Please leave comments and let us know what you think. We value our customers’ opinions and are always striving to be the best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary Canada has to offer!

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    Lemon Kush
    $179.99 $99.99

    Despite the ambiguity around its origins, Lemon Kush is a tasty and effective strain for those who want to appreciate the ideal effects of both indica and sativa varieties. Its cerebral focus and free-flowing creativity can be mood-altering as well as energising and motivational. Its body stone allows for deep relaxation without the inconvenience of couch-lock or apathy. Because of its unique citrus and peppery taste, Lemon Kush is also a good strain to share in social settings — it makes for a special treat or a conversation starter.

    $100 ounce!

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