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5-star cannabis, the cream of the crop. Literally. These 5-star strains are the highest quality products Canada has to offer. Sticky, icky and potent. Perfect for those suffering from chronic pain or in need of some giggles and silly spells. People who smoke 5-stars are generally more experienced smokers, being that the high is often more intense and lasts longer.

Theses gorgeous top notch products are BC Bud Express approved and tested by the veteran growers that pour their heart and soul into every crop they cultivate.

Want to be blown away? Indulge in our collection of 5-star beauties we’ve meticulously picked just for you, our amazing members and be blown away with the thick creamy smoke you exhale.

Striving for greatness is our highest goal, hearing what you, our loyal customers have to say is extremely important to us and the way we improve the store so don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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