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Black Diamond marijuana strain promotes a strong sedative high that allows you to relax completely. On the other hand, this Indica-dominant hybrid has some strong sativa characteristics, which will enable you to focus on your tasks. As the high continues, you can feel a sweet rush of giggliness and happiness, followed by a strong urge for delicious munchies. Affecting both mind and body, Black Diamond allows the user to feel relaxed and able to breathe deeply and more efficiently. All in all, this indica-dominant hybrid is usually recommended for evening or nighttime use, as its calming and soothing effects can be thoroughly enjoyed right before bedtime.

When it comes to its appearance, the Black Diamond cannabis strain grows medium to large, multicoloured flowers with impressive, dense buds. These are finely sprinkled with orange and brown pistils and generously covered with trichomes that give them a very sticky texture.

The hybrid comes with a tempting, sweet smell of grapes and some delicate earthy and pungent notes. When breaking apart or grinding the buds of Black Diamond, you will smell a specific toasted and nutty aroma that comes with a bit sweet flavour of grapes and berries, with delicate herbal and pine hints. Although the hybrid burns quickly, giving a smooth smoke, you can still feel the specific taste of its indica leaning on the throat.

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  • ¬†Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Lack of appetite, nausea
  • Anxiety

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