PINK KUSH SHATTER by: Da Bomb Medicines




»helps with eating disorders

»Helps with depression

»Helps with chronic pain

With 75% THC content this perfectly pure shatter will inevitably leave you couch locked but in a good way.  Perfect for nighttime use, This this powerhouse indica will ensure a restful sleep or a lazy weekend at home.

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Bc Bud Express’ Brand of Pink Kush Shatter will knock your socks off and take you to a realm of ultimate chill.

Carefully crafted by none only than the best our team’s expert at our in-house lab.  


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White Gorilla is a great strain for socializing, and getting creative! This splendid strain helps with migraines and helps relax sore muscles in no time!  The sweet chocolate notes pave the way to a stress-free, chill sesh with the BUDS!


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