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Cannabis Infused 70% RICH Dark Chocolate Bars

 Introducing our delicious 70% rich dark chocolate bars infused with a mellow 25mgs of THC/CBD.   We provide only the best quality of ingredients and craftsmanship. Every one of our edibles is a work of art that tastes as good as they look.  Do not let the fancy look and delicious flavor fool you this is not your standard desert these bars pack a punch. They contain tinctures made from 100% premium grade cannabis flower from the best strains. We use absolutely no trim or leaves. You would not smoke trim and leaves so why would you consume them in your edibles.

Made with 70% rich dark chocolate, this chocolate is a smooth, fluid harmonious dark chocolate, subtle acidity and earthy which linger pleasantly on the palate. Higher cacao butter content gives this a wonderful mouth-feel without compromising the complex cacao flavors.

Just keep far out of reach of children, please !!!

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