Citrus Haze


  • Sativa
  • High THC and CBD
  • Gentle but effective
  • Sweet citrus smell, tangerine, cheese, cream

Smooth easy smoke, with a unique pleasant taste.

At 80% Sativa, and 20% indica, Citrus Haze is a Sativa dominant must try. With a high THC and CBD level and an accessible flavour bringing on an uplifting high, Citrus Haze is good for meditation and a creative buzz. Citrus Haze has the sweet flavours of Citrus Cream Candy – smooth, tart, delicious. It grows like a Sativa with long side branches and long sativa buds, but because of the Lemon Skunk genes the buds finish fat and thick. With a gentle, comforting high that relieves stress and brings on a relaxing euphoria, this strain is ideal for users desiring a comfort high, as opposed to some more intense varieties. 


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Citrus Haze delivers on both flavour and effect. With smooth, accessible citrus flavours, and soothing Sativa effects, this scrumptious strain will delight any flavour seeker looking for taste and effects that will stimulate without overwhelming. 


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