Deep Purple Kush


  • Indica dominant
  • Grape flavour
  • Relaxing
  • Used to treat Insomnia and Stress

Deep Purple is an Indica dominant strain that was created to include the best traits from Querkle and Purple Urkel, to bring out more of that incredible grape taste.  A strong indica high, Deep Purple is calming and relaxing, and with its sedative qualities you may feel yourself sleepy and tranquil. Recommended for night time use, or for stimulating sedation during the day for pain or stress.

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Whoa there Betsy! Like the smell of fresh pasture? Enjoy the idea of sitting in the middle of farm country whilst getting high? Look no further! Deep Purple has a strong scent to be sure, a potent outdoor aroma, with that classic diesel pungency, and a high that starts suddenly and eases up before settling into a comfortable buzz.

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