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Feco 1 ml syringe

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Our Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO) is believed by many in the medicinal cannabis industry to be far superior to Rick Simpsons oil (RSO). Although the science is still being weighed upon, anecdotal accounts and results by terminally ill client testimonies would agree.

High grade cannabis flower only (no leaf or trim) is slow soaked for a minimum of 4 weeks using only the best organic ethanol, while RSO uses isopropyl which is generally regarded as toxic and not ideal for consumption. Our FECO is actually a more refined and reduced tincture keeping the same consistency as RSO yet with much more potent effects and medicinal benefits. It’s believed that this marvel of nature works best as medicine when all of the components of the plant are fully extracted and allowed to work synergistically for maximum benefits.

Please use caution when starting out and use very low doses. We recommend about the size of a grain of rice to start and then build tolerance over the course of a few weeks. For chronic situations, it’s advised to be persistent, patient and consistent as accounts have shown some miraculous results.


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