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Good Vibrations Cannabis Infused JELLIES

A fun and delicious way to medicate with your cannabis.  With the obvious plus of not hurting your lungs, these sweet, fruit jelly treats come in fun shapes like robots and dinos making this edible a must have!

-Keep refrigerated and out of reach of children!

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2 reviews for Good Vibrations Cannabis Infused Jellies

  1. biguglyram

    Man are thease things awsome! Ive had them multiple times and GoodVibrations has it nailed. No green taste and multiple flavors of robots and dinos. They are so good the the warning about leaving them accesible is on point, a person could eat a whole bag of them and not even know they were infused. 2 for me and im good. Good grab BCBX!

  2. kevinwatts

    I have really enjoyed these excellent tasting jellies. They taste awesome and give me an excellent high. Doing business with BCBX is so easy and everything is of the highest quality.

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