Kings Cross


  • Indica dominant hybrid
  • Dense, frosty buds
  • Pungent Kush flavour
  • Relaxing, sedative

King’s Cross is an extremely fast finishing Indica dominant hybrid that churns out ridiculously dense and frosty buds like there’s no tomorrow. This blend of King Kush and Charles Kush churns out short, stout and sturdy plants that explode full of thick, round and resinous buds. King’s Cross has a bold terpene profile that is mostly dominated by the classic OG Kush funk that so many have come to adore, but there is a bit of a sweet twist added in towards the end of the exhale. This nearly pure Indica heavy high creeps up on you with a very relaxing and somewhat narcotic body stone. It’s sedative qualities and medicinal benefits make it a perfect nighttime smoke for people suffering from a wide range of sleep conditions, as well as physical pain.

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Kings Cross brings in classic diesel pungency with a sweet underbelly, and a stellar high that satisfies and sedates. Get ready for a nap, because this King will put you to sleep by royal decree! Couch lock awaits, and if you aren’t paying attention, before you know it you’ll be catching up on some major zzzzzzs!

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