MK Ultra


Named after the methods of mental manipulation employed by the CIA’s Project MK Ultra, this Indica-dominant strain stands apart due to its powerful cerebral effects. A cross between  mostly Sativa hybrid OG Kush  and the Indica G-13.  MK Ultra is renowned for its ‘hypnotic’ effects that are fast-acting and best used when strong medication is desired. As evidenced by its collection of awards, this Indica is one of the strongest in the world. It might be best for a day when not getting off the couch would be fine.  Project MK Ultra  is a very sticky strain, the  smoke is smooth, and it comes with a fairly earthy flavour. It  is  great  for an evening smoke, can induce euphoria, with no paranoia, and  no dry mouth.  Not ideal for day use, its ability to lay out anyone it comes in contact with makes it a perfect sleep aid for those who suffer from insomnia and might need a little help hitting the hay.

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MK Ultra provides a clean, energetic high, that comes with a smooth, earthy, pungent, pine/lime flavour that is subtle and easy on the nose. The nugs are dense and tight, packed with crystals that shimmer and entice, indicating the potency to follow. The smoke is easy going but it will get you coughing, and once the high kicks in a rush of focused energy and stimulation puts this strain in a different category then some strains that induce couch-lock.

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