Northern Berry

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Northern Berry, often also called Northern Berry, is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Northern Lights #5.

Northern Berry’s scent is earthy, woody and pungent, and much like its parent strain these flowers have an incredible deep blueberry flavor.

Effects of Northern Berry can be expected to be mostly sedative, bringing its user a totally relaxing body buzz and a calm yet euphoric head high.

Buds that come from Northern Berry’s plants are a bluish-green hue that is covered with crystalline trichomes and a few thick orange pistils.



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When smoked, the Northern Berry provides the aroma of earthy hash and strong sweet berries. The taste of the strain after smoking is of berries with a little spice at the end of it. It is best suited for late afternoon or evening consumption and induces heavy sleeping instantaneously. People who are drawn towards this strain are usually looking to have a relaxing feeling as Northern Berry provides body relief and can cause potential sedation if taken for a long time. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, as it is great for relieving stress and helps you to unwind. It gives you a bit of a psychedelic head followed by a relaxation of your body.


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