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Another subtropical named sativa dominant strain, not much is known about Pina Colada. A mysterious moniker with undefinable lineage, sativa makeup seems to be the only confirmed characteristic.

Piña Colada Cobra Vape Pen Cartridge have large loosely clumped bushels of baseline green coloured blossoms, not too dense or sticky more billowy unbound buds of unstructured outdoor composition.  This Pina Colada has a subtle sugar kief frost noticed amongst some wispy intermitted pinkish magenta coconut husk coloured hairs.

This Sativa is woodsy and earthy with an aromatic smack of light bright sourness. Pina Colada emitted a fresh lemony gumdrop backdrop on top of foundational balanced scents of tacky toothy pastoral woodiness.

Pina Colada provoked a cooked roasted woodsy lemon whisked syrupy flavour that initially sparkles light citrus brightness before smoothing out with an earthy boreal pine kissed finish.

An all-around effective user-friendly sativa selection is devoid of any super stimulating overly activating result. This Pina Colada proved effective at reducing anxiety and stress primarily, while also lending assistance to minor aches or pains, along with some mild mood enhancement.

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ethanol [C2H6O]

Some would argue that ethanol [C2H6O] deserves the “universal solvent” title even more than our good friend H2O. This is because ethanol can dissolve both polar (hydrophilic) and nonpolar (hydrophobic/lipophilic) substances. It’s pretty much a solvent that invites everyone to the party. Very inclusive, that ethanol molecule is.
Ethanol’s polar hydroxyl [OH] group – with oxygen’s high electronegativity allowing hydrogen bonding to take place with other molecules – will dissolve hydrophilic (water-loving) compounds like chlorophyll, pigments and tannins.
Ethanol’s nonpolar ethyl [C2H5] group, a.k.a. its “hydrocarbon tail,” works with the hydrophobic (water-fearing) components like plant waxes/lipids, oils, cannabinoids, terpenes (aroma/flavor) and any other substance (except for plant fiber) that is present inside or on the outside of the plant. (And, of course, it’s these cannabinoids/terps we’re after.)


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