Pink Kush

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Pink Kush is an 90% Indica hybrid created by one of BC’s best growers – Reeferman. The Indica side is from the infamous and much loved OG Kush, while no one’s exactly sure about the Sativa parent.  Pink’s hit, taste and smell are true to it’s OG roots, delivering a full on body high many appreciate when managing pain. Pink Kush has that signature pungent nose but with hints of pine, wood, and potato chips (Oh no, that’s the munchies coming on. And they will come on.)

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Very nice tight light green buds with those cute little pink hairs but the real treat is the stone. Honestly, I could not finish a single sentence after the first spliff shared with two friends.  This delicious strain must be great for pain, insomnia, and increasing appetite I’d imagine because basically I went numb, got serious munchies then lights out – way out. Who could ask for more?

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