Purple Rockstar


Purple Rockstar is a truly special indica dominant hybrid that is a cross between Rockstar and either Purple or OG Kush. With crisp, glittering crystals, like diamond flowers on a green meadow, with purple leaves adding an attractive highlight, it is an especially attractive strain. It’s parent Rockstar is a consistently potent and effective strain, and it’s offspring, Purple Rockstar, delivers a similarly stimulating high that won’t incapacitate, and yet, with a mellow, relaxing effect, it is still suitable for night time use. Those treating sleep disorders might find other preferable strains, with this strain perhaps being better used for social interactions and productivity.

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With a mellow talcy perfume, and a distinct attractive look, this rare strain will immediately capture your attention. It has been tested at over 24% THC and its effects combine a stimulating potency, with a relaxing tranquil effect. Somehow Purple Rockstar delivers on both these aspects, keeping the user engaged but calm. A great choice for those seeking potent, but balanced effects.

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