Starlet Kush

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  • Hard hitting hybrid
  • Balanced effects
  • Classic Kush flavours
  • Used for insomnia and pain relief

Starlet Kush is a hard-hitting but balanced 50/50 hybrid with its parents being Pure Kush and Joseph OG. Starlet Kush boasts voluptuous bud formations blanketed in crystals, excites with its intoxicating Kush smells, and takes Kush back to its roots with its flavour profile, an earthy distinct Kush smell. Sure to delight hardcore tokers looking for a powerhouse strain that delivers. It has been suggested for medical smokers who need a calming pain reliever, are suffering from insomnia, or dealing with ADD or hyperactivity. Starlet Kush is a classic strain and will not disappoint with its potent effects.

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Starlet Kush is yet another delicious strain guaranteed to knock your socks off and get you where you want to go. This strain makes resin and ruins scissors. The highs are enveloping, unmistakable, and provide a relief from stress by delivering high powered medicine for whatever your need. The flavour is classic and brings you in from the moment you bust it up in you grinder, releasing its aroma.

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