Ultra Kush



  • Body High
  • Euphoria
  • Arthritis
  • Bipolar

Ultra Kush is an extremely strong, high THC modern ‘Kush’ plant with a perfect mix of dense Indica and Sativa traits and big depth of taste.

The high is extremely powerful and hard hitting, with an added creeper effect inherited from the Trainwreck side of her parentage. An instant hit followed by increasing effects from the first intake to the last, she cuts through anything smoked before. From the first inhale the high THC is felt in your cheeks and mouth before lifting you extremely high with a heady, mostly Sativa type of high, before flattening to a deeply centered blissed-out vibe. The transition of effects is perfectly smooth, just like the smoke she wanders through this phase sweetly and smoothly.

The taste of this line combines the vast depth of the Bubba Kush with the beautiful Hash and Limonene/Grape flavors from the Trainwreck and Purple Chitrali lines. An amazing combination of tastes and smells. Smoke is extremely dense, thick and smooth, instantly filling the room on exhale with even greater smells. Really nice.


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