Without further adieu,  Queen! This royal strain is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers a blend of complex flavours that combine into something entirely new.  Once you break open a bud, you will enjoy minty, citrus high notes with sweet undertones. While you will indeed first notice a taste profile that matches the smell, it will completely change once it begins to develop inside your mouth. You can expect an intense sweetness to overwhelm your palate, followed by a uniquely earthy flavour that is reminiscent of sweet citrus fruits. Suitably, you will then begin to notice a profound citrus taste that completely replaces the fundamental characteristics of sweetness – it will mature into a tart sensation that is somewhat like biting into an orange pith. Shrouded in mystery, a high-quality strain with dramatic euphoric effects that help give you an uplifting look at life.

Queen has an exotic flair of orange hairs covering the profoundly green buds. There are plenty of gorgeous trichomes covering the entire bud, giving it the presence of a furry orange, royal creature.

You will find a smile plastered on your face, no matter what you do. This strain is thus perfect for daytime or evening use



  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Focused

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